Before I Knew You -- I Protected You

Everything is in God's beloved hands.

Today, a choroid plexus cyst was found on my baby's brain and an EIF was found on the baby's heart. I will go in for blood chromosomal testing on Tuesday and the cyst will be follow-uped in 10 weeks. Basically, we have to wait and see what happens during this time. 

Imperfectly Yours,

Dear Baby,

Mommy and daddy got news from the doctor that you are already a very special little human. You have a little extra special place in your brain that makes you even 10X more precious to life. Your little heart has an extra special light on it during pictures that mommy and daddy can see. But we know that it stores all the love God has for the world in you. You're a special little human and Mommy says many prayers each day for the day I get to meet you. You have so many that love and adore you already that they pray for you too. 

Daddy loves to listen to you swim in Mommy's tummy and you melt his heart with every kick you make. You're one active baby in there and mommy loves to feel every move you make.

Mommy loves you baby, always.