This past Tuesday was my 27th birthday and I said I would run 28 miles. Well, I ACTUALLY ran 30 MILES!! I told my husband that something was terribly wrong with me because I felt too good to have accomplished what I did.

It amazes me how we underestimate what we can do. How we doubt our capabilities and set our own limitations. Do you do it too? I know I do!! However, we shouldn't. We should truly be fearless and go after anything and everything we've ever dreamed of!!

This video I've attached was with my daughter during my "run" and her tiring out. No, I didn't get to run very long. No, I wasn't out there training hours on end. BUT, that little girl you see -- that's my Gracie, my reason, my world. At the end of the day if I'm not proud of the example I set for her, if I'm not happy with the example of fearlessness and determination I lead for her -- is any of it even worth it? NO!!!

So, are you setting the example you have want your children to be proud of, your brothers or sisters, your nieces or nephews, your parents? Are YOU setting the example for them to look to and are you proud of it?!? If not, it's never too late or too early to change for the better and take a stand for yours and their best!! Even if the world shuns you, I'll stand with you.

Take a Stand!! Be Fearless!!

Imperfectly Yours,


It’s time I cut the crap. You know, this whole raw and real thing only works if you are RAW and REAL. So – this morning as I pull on my running tights, put on the running shirt with hat to match and lace up my running shoes…my brain is literally telling me I am the worst mother on the face of the earth.

Is it self-pity? Self-remorse?
HECK NO! You see, tragic experiences as a parent leave a lasting impact.

Seeing your child struggle for air. Seeing your child lifeless. Seeing your child helpless causes a parent to somewhere, deep down inside, question themselves. WHAT? You want the happy go lucky stay strong in every storm post? Well, to get to that point rough waters must be ridden and “self-pity” must be overcome. Letting go of the worst mother label you put on YOURSELF, must be dealt with.

Let me put your mind at ease because I am in no way ever going to say I know what it is like to lose a child because I never have. I have lost siblings and family members, but never have I ever fully lost my daughter. Not even 4 months ago, I breathed life back into my daughter’s lungs. I only wish and pray that every parent that had to give their child CPR had a happy story at the end. My heart is burdened for those parents each day and I will always remind my daughter how overwhelmingly blessed she is that she gets to breathe in a new breath of life daily; as we are all so lucky that are reading this.
But right now, in this moment as I clothe myself to go outside and run I feel unworthy. When my daughter gets sick she goes all out. She takes it as far as she can go before hitting that breaking point. Right now, she has not one, but TWO strains of the flu virus coursing through her, a painful urinary tract infection, pink eye and an ear infection in her left ear. God bless my husband and his loving words, “Babe go run I will watch her. You need to get away for just a little bit.”

My female mother brain: What?!? You want me to leave and make it look as if I do not care about our daughter? Why should I put myself first?!? She is sick and running isn’t going to help her. Running will not take the pain away. Running will not heal her. Running will not add years or quality to her life!!

Before my words are spoken my husband says, “You are an amazing mother and Gracie will be here when you are done. Go do your fearless superwoman things.”

My husband.
My rock.
My clarity.

So yeah. My baby girl is extremely sick and I’m about to go out for a long run. Not because I do not care. HEAVENS NO! It’s because I want my baby girl to be fearless in all circumstances, especially the scary ones. That is the whole point of why I am running the Boston Marathon!! On my long runs, I pray, A LOT. I pray about anything and everything I could possibly fathom and today I’ll be praying and pleading God’s healing over my daughter and every other child that is sick and every parent that prays for one more moment with their little ones.

"Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

I promised you real and raw. I pray you hear my sincerity && the steadfast love I have for my daughter. In the overwhelming moments, she always gives me peace and a reason to be fearless. 

Imperfectly Yours,