She doesn’t care about the medals I have from the marathons I’ve ran; not now at least. 

One day I’ll tell her all the stories of the adventures mommy took as a collegiate athletic training student & trainer, the journeys I’ve taken as an adult athlete, the stories of being a running and fitness coach, and the stages I stood on competing in fitness competitions. 

YET, those stories would mean nothing without the glory of God in them. Those adventures and journeys are worthless if the finish line for Christ is not where the eternal glory lies. 

One day, she will know my why and reasons and that day will be glorious to tell. 

The honor I strive to bring in stride and the praise to God I try to set an example of doing for her to learn from is what’s important. 

Until those days, I live in moments like this. I live for the moments of her gazing in my eyes and her tiny fingers learning my face — I never want to leave these moments. 

I see myself through my daughter’s eyes and the super powers I gain are beyond his world.

My girl. She changed everything.

Imperfectly Yours,


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