I know our achievements mean absolutely nothing when our time ends. What will last is the perseverance and passion by which we chose to live our lives. However, I cried twice this morning because I won’t be running Boston tomorrow. 

Have you ever achieved a goal that seems unattainable to most people — even yourself? Running the Boston Marathon was my “IMPOSSIBLE” dream and last year I achieved it. Tomorrow is Marathon Monday and I can’t help to feel like I should be crossing the start line in Hopkinton and finishing on Boylston, again.

Once, shortly after I gave birth to my daughter, I contemplated NEVER running again. I thought that my role was to be a mom, end of story. If you combine a few months of utter seclusion and non-diagnosed postpartum depression it will make a new mom brain go crazy. See, if I disobeyed God’s purpose for a role I would NEVER show my daughter an example of life lived by passion.

Running was once my way to run away from tragedies; hardships I’ve faced, deaths of siblings and loved ones. A healthy habit quickly became an unhealthy coping mechanism. I had to realize that I could run all day, but my pain would still be there. 

Running became the parallel to persevering through life and overcoming the tragedies for one finish line — eternity. Who I influence or impact along the way is within the purpose, I believe, God created for me. My pain will always have a greater purpose.

My heart is running, but I’m having to remember that what I considered “IMPOSSIBLE” was achieved in me. This challenges me. I share my journey, the tragedies and the highlights, because I know I’m not the only one. God’s mercy and grace is the ONLY reason I’m capable of doing ANYTHING and HIS STRENGTH is the ONLY way I can PERSEVERE.

I’m still breathing. There is still life coursing through my veins. He’s NOT done with me!!

Dear God, I’m ready to continue chasing “IMPOSSIBLE” dreams for your kingdom purpose.

Imperfectly Yours,

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