We can’t say thank you enough for all the love and prayers our baby girl has received!!  Despite the creepy cuteness, we woke up at home yesterday morning instead of a hospital room.  We spent the yesterday playing inside and resting when needed.  You could say I’m partial, but Gracie is absolutely one of the STRONGEST girls I know.

I‘m always reminded that our days are numbered and life is short.  We don’t know what tomorrow will or will not bring, but I find comfort in knowing that every trial I’m put through is a parallel to God’s trust in me.  When facing a trial I know the strength to be gained will be even greater.  We don’t get to pick or choose our trials, but we do get to choose how or if we overcome.

God began allowing me to endure hard trials a long time ago and through the years I’ve seen them to only become harder.  However, by faith and trust — I CHOOSE to ALWAYS OVERCOME!!  I believe the example being set of that is already being shown through my girl.  We’ve seen Gracie endure some tough physical tests in just her first few years of life.  She likes to scare everyone around her, but always comes through on the other side.

My husband and I have found strength we never knew we had since becoming parents.  Things we once feared are now the moments for which we are prepared.  As I’ve always said, from your darkest pain comes your greatest purpose and what you do with that purpose creates your story.  As we celebrate having overcome this trial we do know that there will only be another trial to overcome in the future.

We still have time to be spent in recovery being at home, but thank goodness it’s not in a hospital bed.  With that — I pray you choose to overcome trials in your life, too.  It’s not easy, but it’s absolutely worth it.

Imperfectly Yours,