This isn’t just a picture of DOCTOR Gracie, but a life lesson on consequences and respect.

Halloween night, a few hours before trick-or-treating commenced our girl shushed an adult. Unlike my normal response, I bit my tongue and remained CALM. (Internally I was CLEARLY boiling over.) To begin, Daddy took the reigns and at one point asked her if she wanted to go trick-or-treating. At first, she said, “Yes.” Then, when she learned she had to say “I’M SORRY” a whole new slew of emotions took over her toddler body. 

Rigidness, quietness, silent tears — she was clearly embarrassed and her shy side mixed with anxiety didn’t help our situation. So, I put on my mom pants and said, “Gracie, until you apologize there will be no trick-or-treating or costume because we will CANCEL your Halloween.” 

Now, every parent feels a bit confident when they think they found the edge. To my utter disbelief, when I then tell her to again apologize she shakes her head NO!! With disappointment internally coming in waves, we proceed to CANCEL her Halloween.

We followed through with our words and as she continued with her stubbornness, go figure, we stood firm as parents. We want to raise a GOOD person, but when that is counteracted we MUST stay true to our beliefs and faith.

A few hours after tough love, life lessons, and my self-doubt as a mom/human — daddy took her for a walk that included another tough, but loving talk. By the end of the walk Gracie came to the decision that she is a big girl.

While picking flowers she told her daddy, “I’m a big girl and big girls say sorry when they’re not nice. I’m going to say sorry because I’m a nice big girl.” So, she apologized.


See — despite popular belief it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. It wasn’t about being right as a parent, but the want to raise a good human. For every action there is a consequence and as parents we set the tone for our children. We are the ones who teach them whether or not bad actions receive punishment or reward.

This picture is our confidence that a good human is being formed. She learned to be respectful to others and that being a big girl means you have to have humility. I’m proud of our girl and she gives me countless more reasons to be every day.

Also, I’m proud of my husband and I as parents.
Because it’s hard.

Yet, days that ended like Halloween night make all the hard work in the middle so worth it.

Imperfectly Yours,