We have this idea or notion of who we are going to be.

Then, when we don’t become the idea or notion of who we thought we would be we regard it as failure. We say that we fail because we didn’t become the idea of what an 18-year-old teenager thought of us.

As we age — we evolve. 
As we evolve — we transform.

God didn’t spend an eternity waiting to plant you into the universe for the idea of your fleshly teenage dreams, but for the purpose of Himself — we are God’s purpose. He created us to fulfill His purpose.

As I enter into 2020, and ponder what my 30th Valentine Birthday will look like, I think of who my 18-year-old self wanted me to be. I praise God I was her, but thank God I am not her. 

For over a decade I have had many failures, but I am not the failure. Out of failure I have accomplished some of life’s greatest triumphs. Out of deep and seemingly irrevocable pain I found (and choose to keep finding) a higher purpose. Out of valleys I have climbed the tallest mountains of my life and my strength had nothing to do with it. God used me as a vessel, just as He wants to do with each of us.

Where He leads — I will follow. 
When I am weak — God is stronger.

Here && now. 
That’s where I’m meant to be.

Imperfectly Yours,

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