As we are promoted in position someone has to have faith and trust in our ability. If God, the one who created us all, had enough faith in NOT JUST His perfect son Jesus, but in the example He would set — why can’t we?

God didn’t JUST trust Jesus, but He trusted that the example would also change the lives of others. I feel He also had to have trust that we as humans would transform. God had so much FAITH and LOVE in US that He sent His ONE and ONLY son to die for our sins!!

So, next time you doubt your ability or the capability of another just think about how much God trusted His son and His example. Trust God that He set you in a position to promote others and trust the example He allowed you to set for others.

Whether it be in a workplace or in your children (I allow y’all to come back in 15 years and tell me the same thing about my own daughter and the example I set for her) you are positioned to lead, but you can’t lead WELL unless you FOLLOW Christ and the example He set for us, first.

When God gives perspective — life is never the same.

Imperfectly Yours,

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