To be honest, I may have just felt the urge to hug and kiss Thomas Edison. Between Hurricane Laura and actually UPROOTING OUR LIVES to move to an area that just so happened to be in her path last week, I’ve had a lot of valley moments.

We asked ourselves if the hurricane was a sign that we had made a mistake. We have had countless doubts and have experienced intense discomfort not knowing our future ahead.

However, I told my husband that if it were easy it wouldn’t be God’s desire. In my life, when it gets really hard and the storm clouds thicken, God’s call is just waiting on the other side. He’s a beacon of hope when the waves try to capsize everything I have left.

But — FINALLY — on the 8th day, the electricity came back on and we have solace from the three digit heat indexes, again. The climb to the top of the mountain never came without struggles, or even a full on avalanche from time to time.

So, we persevere and keep going.
Because — we were made for this.

Even when we don’t know what THIS is.....

Imperfectly Yours,