“Stay safe. Come home. I love you.”

I never knew just how different life would be when my husband took his oath. It’s not a path for the faint hearted, but it’s one of the most honorable and humbling journeys I have ever faced. My husband is absolutely my hero.

Imperfectly Yours,

A Police Wife
By: Ashley Hoppa, Wife of a Police K9 Officer, 2013

I don't wear a uniform.
I don't have a badge.
I have never been sworn in.
Nor have taken an oath, with raised right hand.
My thin blue line is different indeed.
The thin blue line I walk, is from behind the scenes.
I stand behind you, so proud and true.
For you are a member of an elite few.
You have sworn to do a duty.
To uphold the law.
To honor, serve, and protect. That is your call.
While the burden you bear is great.
Mine is nonetheless.
We both carry a very heavy weight.
With hugs and kisses, I smile and I say,
Have a good night, all the while hiding my silent fright.
For every day at 10-41. My burden has yet again begun.
My heart goes with you, and all your brothers and sisters in blue.
I pray you all will return at 10-42.
How do you do it they say? How can you live life that way?
How can you not worry? How can you not fear?
My answer to them is perfectly clear.
Of course I worry. Of course I fear. Always wondering, if end of watch is near.
But this is my duty, I say. It's just what we do. 
You see, I too bleed blue.
I am proud to say that I live this life. 
Because of the man I love.
I became a Police Officer's Wife.


If you're not an inspiration to yourself how do you expect to inspire others?

As children we dream of living a long life, 100+ years!! One day our dreams from childhood will slap us in the face. Our perspective changes and the reality sets in that if we don't live a HEALTHY life we CAN'T LIVE A LONG LIFE!!

Quality will always overpower quantity. Stop sitting the bench of life and start playing!! Prove every single one of YOUR doubts wrong and show the world you can, ESPECIALLY when it says you can't.

Add quality to your mundane routines!! Someone out there is watching you, (okay that sounded a little creepy -- I promise I HAVE A POINT), to someone you are their example. What kind of example are you setting? Would you be inspired by you?

What is it that you need to CHANGE in order to become your own inspiration?! It doesn't need to be something life-altering!! Maybe you aspire to have more patience or maybe you need to embrace your progress. Maybe, right now, you need to be thankful for the struggle!! Within you lies potential and on the other side of your struggle is a stronger version of yourself.

Make a change that will get you closer to your goals!! Inspire others, but also -- inspire yourself.

Imperfectly Yours,