"From our darkest pain comes our greatest purpose."
Katie Eddington has been in the fitness industry for over a decade. From the college sidelines as a student athletic trainer to in-person clients as a personal trainer she has seen the physical and emotional toll fitness takes on athletes and every day people wanting to get fit.

Being an endurance and fitness athlete herself, Eddington knows the discipline it takes to achieve your goals and dreams. "I know endurance like the back of my hand, but the perseverance and endurance it takes, for my husband and I, when raising our daughter -- it sometimes flies out the window," Eddington said.

"I learned early on that life doesn't come with a manuscript. By the time I was 20-years-old three of my siblings had passed away, I've seen family lose themselves to addiction, I gave CPR to my daughter when she was 15-month-old daughter before I found out I was running Boston," Eddington said.

"You hope and pray that one day it stops, the struggle that is. I've learned the struggles seem to get worse, but my capacity to endure the struggle increases. I am capable because I choose to continue fighting the battle no matter what it takes."

"I believe we each have a strength that surpasses anything we can fathom. I believe we are WARRIORS, especially in our darkest hours. From our darkest pain comes our greatest purpose and what we do with that purpose creates our story."

This is Katie Eddington's journey of overcoming life's struggles and continually persevering.

"I'm a wife, mom, athlete, and coach -- but above all -- I'm a daughter to the King that continuously provides His grace and mercy every day." -Katie