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Hubs: Hey, let’s see you do the POST course.
 Me: I mean, I’m good. I don’t even know it.
Hubs: Come on!! I’ll talk you through it. You got this!!


Hubs: WOW!!
 Me: How’d I do for my first try?
Hubs: You shot a 105!!
 Me: Is that pretty good?
Hubs: You have no idea how good of a shot you are.

Quick background, in order for an officer to pass the POST firearms qualification course they must fire through the full course at least four times, that’s 240 total rounds. They must achieve an average score of not less than 96 out of a possible 120.

I’m not an officer, but I’m the wife of LEO. I’m constantly learning the field of law enforcement because it is a HUGE part of my life and knowledge is empowering. Being able to go to the range with my husband helps not just him, but us grow stronger TOGETHER. 

I don’t wear a badge, but I will always stand with our thin blue line family. Whether that means being there at the end of a hard day to pray or coach them on the track to prepare for the requirements ahead, I’ll do it. 

This life is not for the faint of heart. It’s about standing up for what is just and speaking up for those who have been denied their voice. It’s about protecting those who have lost hope and serving others in need.

To my husband, I’ve always got your 6.

Imperfectly Yours,

Self-Defense Tool: GLOCK 43X
Holster: Bravo Belt 


I have wanted to do this for YEARS!! 

I’m not one to show projects before every single i is dotted and t is crossed. However, I’m dropping a teaser of something I’ve been working on BEFORE completion!!

My 6-Week Full Body Training Program will be available in digital form FRIDAY, JULY 23rd, of THIS WEEK!! 🀯 I have a vision of what can come from this program, along with many others I have waiting to be released. It’s currently MIDNIGHT and obviously I can’t wait to FINALLY share it all with you. πŸ˜†

Stop waiting on tomorrow!! 
Need a change?!? 

   With Health & Fitness Love,
      -Coach Katie


🀜🏼Tag a friend to challenge them to a workout!!πŸ€›πŸΌ I’ll send you one of my favorite workouts from this program when you leave your email at!! πŸ†“ Leave a comment with your favorite emoji and let’s get this excitement overflowing!! πŸ’― The best part, EVERY WORKOUT can be modified to ALL fitness levels!! πŸ”₯ NO EXCUSES!! 🀟🏼


We all have the moment that rocks our world and changes our perspective. We all have a moment that we can look back to and be like, “WOW!! You need to get it together.”
Mine was at 21-years-old in 2011…

It was nearly one year after my third sibling had passed away and I was giving away the best of me for the worst of the world. I was doing what others said I should and I had lost all care in the world.

So, as the impulsive ADHD brain of mine would have it — I signed up for my first marathon and never stopped running.

Since then, life has been FAR FROM easy. From other losses of family, to the near loss of my daughter, to the health issues of my own, and to the move that nearly broke me — life just keeps on going.

No matter what happens in life time is never going to stop. Even when we take our last breath and years pass by we can either choose to be a person worth remembering or one we ourselves would rather forget.

Once upon a time I wanted to be forgotten. It’s a dark place to want that for yourself. To have the need to be rejected because rejection has become your normal. It sucks.
However, keep going.
On the worst day, keep going.
Imperfectly Yours,


"Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power."
-Ephesians 6:10 (NIV)

WARM-UP: Repeat X 3

Jump Squats X 10
Mountain Climbers X 30 seconds 
Jump Squats X 10
Push-ups X 10

THE WORKOUT: AMRAP in 30 minutes

20 Alternating Forward Lunges
30 Jumping Jacks
10 Push-ups
10 Burpees
20 Russian Twists
30 High Knees
30 Second Plank
10 Jump Squats

**AMRAP: as many rounds as possible


I believe it is safe to say that we each have a goal or dream that we aspire to accomplish.

As children we dream of that day that we become a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a firefighter, a police officer, etc. (At least those were some of the dreams that my generation had.) Today, I find that many people are dreaming of any job that leads to instant fame and fortune — especially jobs that require the least amount of work possible.

Maybe we have all tried to accomplish our goal by taking the easy way out. As children we are taught that cheating on a test is wrong. Why is it wrong if we get the answer right?